Hello Friends!

Well, it has been some time since I’ve been here, but I’ve been creating a tutorial for the keyboard, not the piano. I’ve still been singing for enjoyment and keeping my little grey cells busy, and the other day I was singing this classic song, but in another […]

One meal a day!

Well, that’s not true, it’s more, one mealtime a day. It started a few years ago when I had significant problems with my dependency on my prescribed medication. There were two times in the day when I craved my drugs, and when I say crave, I mean I […]

Back in the Land of the Living!

In September, I started to remove my dependency on Pregabalin. This drug was prescribed to treat the neuralgic pain I was suffering. However, it is also used to treat anxiety and epilepsy, and I was already taking medication for both of these conditions. I’ve been prescribed and taking […]

I’m Not Going To Miss You!

by Glen Campbell 2014 Well, this is it, the last song! It always gets me how quick that constant time seems to go so fast! The number of clicks to the ‘TooLate’ post I’ve made, including the 364 songs to date, is close to a staggering half a […]