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This is the first blog I have ever made!

The reason, MORPHINE!

I have been on Morphine, prescribed by doctors, for years.
I was addicted and could not live without it. Every day started the same, shivering with cold , yet soaked in sweat. I felt like a living corpse!

The first step in this daily existance… Oramorph, a liquid morphine sulphate. I wasn’t taking this for pain relief, I had to take it to survive till the moment I could have my first mouthful of tablets at 8am. Every day consisted of living beween a dream world and so called reality, while constantly trying to show this world, a normal me. I could not go out to appointments, without morphine. My last mouthful of tablets at 8pm led to a quick oblivion. Every 24hours, I dreamed my reality and I was dead with a beating heart! For the last six months, or there about, I have been slowly reducing the morphine and today is the first day I’m free… not a drop and I feel I’m beginning to live again!

However…. this is not about my Morphine addiction, it’s about our Dementia!

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