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Reading a Good Book…

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I find it difficult to read. This seems to be more so, when I’m reading stories. First I have to read the words and although this is ok for individual words, it’s becoming a growing problem when trying to understand the sentence and more so the whole paragraph. Then I have to hold the contexts and meaning, developing a mental image to go with that context and predict possible outcomes. This is something we used to do almost without thinking, but now it takes effort.

I’m a big fan of Terry Pratchett and especially the DiscWorld series of books he created, I’ve decided to use this series for my reading challenge.

My approach to my reading challenge is…

Read each day for 30 minutes the end of which I will try to recall what I have read and how it develops the story.

The next day, before starting my daily 30 minute session, I will try and recall the story so far.

When I have completed the book, I will read again, but this time I will play an audio, unabridged version of the story and follow the text as the story is read.

Recalling of the story is very good for trying to focusing attention and construct stronger memories, it’s not as easy as you think. I find that things are missing, I have to, flick back a few pages to clarify, or jog my memory, but I think this is getting better simple for the fact of doing it.

Following the words as you listen to the story read, this is something I remember being a normal process when I read to the children in my class. They had to follow the story to be able to continue when asked. However, I find it a really difficult thing to do. I seem constantly to be lagging behind and my brain has to really work hard at associating the spoken and written words.

I enjoy reading, or a I should say I did. It is like I am learning to read again, but I think it is getting better, so I intend to keep reading.

So try it for yourself. Get a book and have a go, you can follow the way I do it, but you might decided to do it in a different way. Whatever you decided, I would love to hear your comments and ideas?

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