Dementia Related Post

My Right Hand 👋 Has a Mind of it’s Own!

Over the last twenty years, my right hand has been a problem and now it seems to be as bad as ever. I keep it in my pocket as much as possible, because it will start shaking on it’s own. 

Here is the strange thing and leads to the question I want to ask you about. I can hold a hammer and knock nails in all day. I spent last year slowly digging up the whole garden with a hand held mattock, a small type pick. I can even support heavy things like slabs, but hold a pen, write, draw, pick up a pin, in fact any small detailed work and I’m lost. My hand will simply not cooperate. 

I’m now predominantly left handed, including writing, but I do try and use my right hand whenever I can. I think this is important, as I believe, as with everything else, if I stop using it, my body, including my brain, will just stop supporting it and eventually it will become, just a useless limb.

Although I do think this is related to damage to brain cells, I’m not sure if this was a sign that my dementia, as it is now, was on it’s way.

Do you have anything like this and if so, how does affect you and how do you deal with it?

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