Dementia Related Post

More than dizzy and sick 🤢

If you have ever had travel sickness, or motion sickness of any type, then that is how I am feeling right now. As soon as I sat up in bed, it hit me and trying to rush on crutches, to bathroom is not great. 

Then that heaving and heaving and heaving. Nothing was coming, just bits of I don’t know what, but that constant heaving and gasping for air. It stopped me breathing, my heart was pounding in my head, the retching physically hurts my stomach, my chest, my head. It stops and I’m sitting on the floor, as close to the toilet as I can get. My face feels as if it is glowing red and the tears slowly stop. All I can do is sit and wait.

A couple hours passed. I’ve managed to get into the shower, which is right next to the toilet and clean myself up. The toilet is all clean now. I don’t know if you have ever had to do this, but it starts to set me off again. 

I’m sitting in my chair and everything is better, but that horrible nauseous feeling is still with me.

This is not the same as my Menieres and not the same as my seizures, so the only thing that is different is the reduction of the Gabapentin. 

Gabapentin is horrendous to come off and I’m dreading the next reduction, but I am determined I will do it!

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