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The Right Word

I know what the word is, or think I should know what it is but, with each attempt at saying it, it just seems to jump around and temps me with other words, that may have some sound like connection, but often no meaningful one. They don’t come to me and the more I try, the more it seems to avoid me.

This is a greater problem with talking, as I’m constantly having to stop and search and this is painful for all involved with the conversation. I try and limit my conversation and find myself thinking of what I want to say as the talking to me continues, so I often loose the thread of what is being said. This strategy is not the best, but I get totally frustrated and often burst out, swear, or demand, wait, wait! I grit my teeth, and wait, and when the wrong word leaves my mouth the frustration hits me like a hammer. It often raises a smile, or a funny chuckle and I painfully chuckle too.

I also get this problem when I’m writing, but then I can go over it, redraft it, think about it and make chances as I go. This is long and sometime laborious process, but the more I do it, the better I believe I’m getting. In fact I now use this problem, as one of my brain workouts. I have a Dictionary App on my iPad and I can search words using predictive text. This means that if I can try spelling the words and more often than not, I now spell everything phonetically, the App will look for possible words that I may be thinking of. This is good and helps a lot. Then I can take this a bit further. The Dictionary App will give me clear meanings of each words, a thesaurus, to give similar words, this is another great method to learning the word and using other words in my writing and helps with learning the words in context, plus the scientific and medical meaning if appropriate.

I’ll just be sitting there and I think of a word, or I’m typing and that word I need is just, or hear a word on the telly and I jump straight onto the Dictionary App and just in a few minutes, I’ll find it and my understanding of the word becomes a whole lot clearer, plus I’m sure it helps to firmly reset that word in my memory.

You might not have a smart pad to get a Dictionary App, but I would recommend trying one, they are not that expensive anymore, however, if you don’t want to do that, then get a good old fashioned, book type Dictionary. Good fun and certainly good for the grey matter.

Do you remember that a first dictionary at school and looking for those certain words?😁

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