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Always looking for the light!

Since late 90s and my physical decline, which left me with some major disabilities, my life has gone steadily downhill. It seems to go in stages. I’m going along fine and seemingly improving, then bang, another problem comes along. Loss of bowel and bladder control, Epilepsy, heart arrhythmia and pending attack, Meniere’s, Deafness and of course the diagnoses of some unknown form of dementia. Each time seemed to be a massive drop and accompanied with severe depression.

I did however, seem to get through this and start to live with it. The more I did the better I it felt as if I was climbing out of the black hole that I was in. Sometimes, I’d have several years between bouts and got to the point where I thought, I’ve beaten it and then it came back, to bite me.

Just before I was diagnosed with Dementia, I was in a bad place, I was isolated, alone, by my own efforts, and doing less and less. The medication I was on and still am, deadens my day and controls my life. I’m slowly getting off this medication. Morphine was the first and it took me well over six months and a lot of pain, physical and mental. Now it’s Gabapentin and this is just as bad, but in a whole different way.

Before my last downward step, I was doing quite well and keeping my self active, taking Finn over the park every morning, reading, playing the ukulele, even running the Kings Norton Ukulele Twangers for a while, plus always messing around creatively with my computer.

Here is the last thing I did, that is till now…

A friend had saved this copy and sent it to me… so pleased they did!

Hope you enjoy it as much I did making it?

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