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Let’s be clear about this…

When I asked about treatment, the reply was…

‘Treatment is by managing the underlying conditions.’

This is a regurgitated reply I hear a lot and I guess you may have heard it too?

I find this so frustrating… for a start this is not treatment, this is putting a plaster on the problem and not treating the cause of the problem and that is really what I wanted to know. That’s like taking a pill for a headache, it might deaden the pain, but does it treat the cause of the headache?

Then there is part, ‘underlying conditions,’ what does that mean? My depression, anxiety, hallucinations, fear and the list goes on? Yes it does and what can they do for this, another plaster!

So if you ask the question, ‘Is there any treatment?’ the answer is no, at this moment in time, with all the billions spent on research, there isn’t anything medically that can be done to help cure, or reverse any form of dementia!

As for the, ‘Underlying Conditions,’ you will be given drugs that will hopefully have a positive impact on the those conditions. So if you are depressed, this is one of the main problems that those suffering with dementia symptoms are treated for, you will be given, antidepressants. If you have pain, you will be given pain killers and what ever symptoms you are suffering due to the form of dementia you have, then medication is more often than not, going to be prescribed.

There is of course a greater need for medication support as those symptoms of dementia are in the later stages of its progression However, for me, I think the escalating amount of medication I’ve been put on over the years, has hindered my ability to deal with my developing form of dementia. Also, as I’m going through this slow and painful reduction from my medication, I feel that the medication itself has, and continues to have, a detrimental affect on my health and is progressing the symptoms of my dementia.

We will see how this goes as I continue to remove my medication; progress is slow as I’m addicted to many, so may take a year or two.

This is not all doom and gloom because, although there isn’t anything that the medical bodies can do to treat any form of dementia, there is a continually growing body of research showing us that we can treat ourselves and it is looking good! Nothing new, diet, keep active, keep the brain working, be social, start new things, be inventive in what you want to try, even listening to music and singing is apparently good for us, so what have we got to lose, but so much to gain!

Maybe there will be some treatment to help with dementia, in its many forms, in the future, but don’t wait for that magic bullet, start living with your dementia today!

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