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Antidepressants, Depress Me!

I’m sure you have been ask this question too, ‘Are you feeling depressed?’ This is such a strange question, because who would not be depressed, if they had a condition that you are told there is no cure for?

Some days, when I’m really suffering and as such, at a really low point, I’m ultra depressed. I have to give this time and find something to do to get myself out of it and this is never easy and many times I just end up with lots of lost time!

I’ve been on antidepressants for as long as I can remember, but do they do any good, I’m not sure they do. I do know that when I am low, just taking the tablets doesn’t seem to have any affect and I think sometimes this just makes me more depressed; I want them to help and solve this problem, I want them to help my mood, my appetite, my get up and go!

I’m slowly reducing my medication, it is a long term goal I have set and I will do it, as long as I’m able.

I’ve only recently realised that I have several antidepressants, each of which seem to have a different chemical affect on my brain, but there is no definitive answer to if these are will work. It is guess work, on part of the medical profession, it is trial and error.

The different types were prescribed by different doctors, but I just assume that they all read the notes and agree that it is worth trying and continuing with, but I don’t know!? But, do they help, I don’t know, I don’t think so… why, because I still get severely depressed!

My Antidepressants:

Citalpram 40mg 1 daily at night DEPRESSIONSSRI Helps with panic attacks and depression

Mirtazapine 45mg 1 daily at night DEPRESSIONAntidepressant

Venlalic XL 75mg 1daily in the morning DEPRESSIONSNRI not sure who prescribed this. Severe side effects … increased episodes of severe muscular pain in body, increased Ménière’s problems, either sleeping all the time, or not at all. Took long time to settle

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