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Not So Simple…

Below is me doing a bit of, French Knitting, or I think that is what it is called!?

When I was first shown this, I thought, ‘that doesn’t look too bad,’ but it was harder than I thought. It is a sequence of actions and this kept causing me a bit of a problem. I could not keep what I was doing in my head long enough. By the time I had done one thing, I’d forgotten what to do next. I wasn’t going to give up! Each day, I picked it up and started from scratch, but at first I didn’t seem to be getting anywhere. Then, after about a week, I suddenly started to move to the next step, either turning the thing, or moving the thread. This certainly gave me the push I needed, but I was getting to the point of seeing how well it would burn on the fire.

Two weeks, or maybe a bit more and I can do it! I do stop a bit now and again, like a stammer in the brain, but it starts again and away I go. I’m so pleased, because this means I have learned something new; my brain has adapted. I can learn!

The only thing I’ve got to do now, is find something I can do with a long, round knitty thing!? All sensible and reasonable ideas welcome? 🙂

Have a go at this, it is cheap and with a bit of help and patience it could show that you can still learn too.

Let me know how you get on and any other similar ideas that you may have?

I did the video using an app. It is good fun and again something to get my brain into… if that makes sense!?

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