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I’m Getting The Taste!

I just love Food!

Diet is major factor in my treatment of dementia, but it is a major factor in everybody’s life? There is always something new, a new piece of research that develops into that new and best ever diet! I’m trying not to be cynical, but they do seem to generate a lot of money for some people!?

I have a lot to say about my diet, my findings and my trials and tribulations! 😋🤢

I will start by sharing the two foods I’m trying at the moment. 

Kefir, which is a fermented milk and it is so easy to make and now I have the grains that are used to ferment the milk, the only cost is the goats milk I use. I think it taste nice, like yoghurt and it is full of good bacteria, that research has show to be very good for your gut, microbiome and brain! 

Kimchi, which is a mix of fermented vegetables and various spices. It originated in Korea, but there are similar foods all around the world. Germany has Sauerkraut and this is available in all supermarkets. This is again full of good bacteria, which is again supposedly good for us.  Now, I haven’t tried this yet! I will let you know! 🤭

What I would like to know, do you have anything that you eat, because you think it is good for you?

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