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No Purpose to Life!

There is no Purpose to Life!

but, this is a good thing, it just needs a bit of thinking about, so let’s see if I can explain and I’ll start by asking you a question.

What is the purpose of Life? Not as easy as you may think to answer this, but have a go.

My first thoughts were, Life is a journey, Life is a passage, Life is something to endure from one moment to the next, Life is something we have to make the best of. How does this compare to your ideas? I’m sure you would have come up with all sorts of things.

I then thought, would it be helpful to try and think of life in terms of something else. What is Life like? What analogy would you use?

Again, this idea of a journey came to my mind first, but then I realised that a far better analogy, is music, or really anything that is produced with no reason, or purpose, than for the aesthetic pleasure, the enjoyment of it!

Once this idea started to settle, I started to ask myself where the idea that Life is a journey came from and is so embedded as an idea for most people. This was really easy for me to answer, as all my life I’ve been told I’m on a journey. I’ve been told that I am moving along, from one stage of life to another. In fact, our whole society is based on Life as a journey. Education, Work and even pleasure. The problem with this journey analogy is that there is a start, an end and this incessant idea of, when I get there it will all be ok!? Together with this idea, is this continual process of watching yourself traveling along this journey, almost like you are being swept along. We then have this continual need to set goals, so that when those goals are met, we will be better, but that is not necessarily the case and it is certain, that just achieving that goal, isn’t the end. It never is, it just doesn’t stop. Once that goal is reached, the next goal looms! Often these goals are not under your control again education, work and society etc. Age sets it own goals, apparently, so we get in this, I’ve got to do it before it is too late! Anxiety, stress, depression, feeling of failure and worthlessness seems to be the inevitable negative symptoms of this journey idea.

I am not saying that I don’t believe in achievement, but I see this as very different from purpose. When we achieve something, the rewards are varied, depending of what you have achieved, but I would suggest that they are predominantly positive and make us happy! If purpose on the other hand, is about, why you do something, or why something exists, then you’re stuck continually asking questions about things that may not have, or need answers. I know this is sounding a bit, hippy, hairy fairy, chill man this is all so cool dude! I’ve no idea if people say these things, just the first thing I thought of. But, what I’m saying is, while I think achievement maybe necessary in life, it does not validate it as a purpose of Life.

I said music is my analogy of Life. I bet you are thinking, well music is like a journey, it has a beginning, a middle, an end and that is true for most musical pieces. However, one single part of the music piece, is no more important than any other part. This is what makes the difference. There is no purpose to a piece of music, other than in the sum of its parts. If the end of a song, was the most important bit, then wouldn’t people just write lots of endings and that is all we would listen to. We just know that there would be so much missing, if that is all we concentrated with. It is only as a whole that we come to experience and appreciate that musical piece. A musical piece has no other purpose than to be the magic that is music. In Music, as with all art forms, can affect your mood, feelings, thoughts, expressions and lift you to a place, that nothing else can, but it has no other purpose than that. We could live without these things, but what a far duller life would we have to endure!?

There is no purpose of Life, it’s not a journey to endure, to watch pass by, or to set never ending goals which can only be reached, passed and never really achieved. Life is our music, it is a symphony, it is a whole, not individual parts. Life is to experience as a whole. To achieve what we want to achieve, because it makes us happy. To live enjoying that part of the symphony that is your life, to the full and now!

I realise now I’m older, that while I was continually looking forward, I missed what was happening right in front of me and now wonder, how and where that time went. I’m sure you have heard this before, ‘When you die, life flashes before your eyes’ and you know, it’s true, it’s called life! Because we are so wrapped up in this idea of a journey, which we are always looking to complete, that it is only when we arrive, that we realise, too late, what we missed.

I will conclude by saying that Life is not a single event, just pertaining to you alone. It is shared from birth and I think maybe it is best shared throughout life. It seems that when people get together, in like minded events, then everyone benefits and are far happier. It seems to me that when lives harmonise so closely, that it seems to giving meaning to their lives, then the enjoyment of those lives grows beyond all expectation!

I suppose the next question is, What is enjoyment?

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