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I will get there…

This is the second month of reducing, Gabapentin.

It seems to take about two weeks to start to settle. It’s slow, but I’m not going back now!

I’m feeling dizzy, light headed, nauseous, edgy. My heart keeps fluttering, I keep getting pains in my stomach, as if I need to go to the toilet and I ache all over. I’m so distant in my head and my sleep is all over the place. It is affecting my tinnitus a lot, it is so high and so consistent in tone!

The worse bit are the things I see and hear. They just seem to be there all the time. Strange taste.

I know this will get better, but it does challenge me daily. I just have to persevere!

Have you ever had to go through anything like this and if you did, how did you cope?

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