Dementia Related Post

Is it Time?

Carol and Barry, my daughter and son, are everything to me and to be honest, I know I couldn’t cope without them, but what do I do now?

I’m one of the many that comes into the risk category when it comes to this, Corona Virus thing and the guidelines say I should isolate myself for 12 weeks.

What to do!? I am lost in my head… the thought of being without them for 12 weeks, is just impossible, but the thought of them infecting me worries me too. It is not the case of being infected, but more of the anguish they will feel if I am sick and feeling they caused it. Does that make sense?

I know I would be mortified, if I thought that I had infected them!

If I was sick, I would need to be isolated and they would not be able to see me, so is prevention a better option now, than a possible cure later?

How do I tell them, without them feeling I don’t need, or love them?

I live on my own most of the time and I thought, 12 weeks is nothing, simple, just an extension of what I do now, but I now realise, when I’m forced into this, ‘self isolation,’ that it is the brief times I see their faces, hear the voices and most of all, share a hug, that makes it bearable to live the empty space between.

I’m lucky in one way that I’m not too bad when it comes to this technology thingy, so I can still see, hear and be close, but not able to hug for a while!

I can do that… I suppose really, I have to!

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