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Dementia Support… the Imbalance!

I’ve been trying, and still trying, to link up with others that suffer the symptoms of dementia, but what I have found is that there is a big difference between what is thought of as having dementia, or the symptoms of dementia.

There seems to be two clear areas, those that are living with dementia and those that are being cared for with dementia.

I believe that there is a tipping point, when the balance of neurones, our brain cells, and our ability to function shifts. This is the point where a person will go from living with dementia, to being cared for with it.

Below is a post that I talk more about this point.

There seems to be very little for those that are living with it and more for those being cared for.

I believe that it is vital that for those where the balance of their dementia is shifted, that care and support is given, but I believe that it is also vital, that support and care is given to those that are managing to keep their balance and are living with and maybe trying to fight their dementia.

I see things like this at the Dementia Organisation site…

Here it talks about prevention, but this is a minor part when compared addressing those that require care.

I’m trying to Live with my dementia. I’m terrified of getting to the point of needing to be cared for. There are days when I just start to lose the will to live and I think a lot of it is because, I feel so alone.

Is there no-one else out there that is battling this thing while they can!?

My everyday is punctuated with me teetering on some intangible and enormously high place. I feel this overwhelming urge and it wells up inside. I’m slowly climbing towards that edge and trying to keep that balance, but fighting to come back! I think this is the way my brain is telling me it needs me to fight, because it needs me to survive! It needs to maintain that balance, before it is too late and it gives up!

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