Dementia Related Post


I’ve just realised that the clinic that I am attached to for Dementia Care, hasn’t been in touch since this epidemic started?
Now, I know all NHS Staff are busy, they always are, but I’m feeling a bit isolated from them at this moment in time.

This is a strange one for me, because I don’t really like going there anyway. I don’t have a nurse, as the last one was more into her social life and would spend our time together constantly texting, oblivious to what was happening in my life. As for note taking, what notes!?

I’m also aware that the doctors cannot do anything, other than ask if I’m ok, or talk to my son and daughter as if I’ve already gone.

When something comes along that I can try, then I want to hear, but until then, I’m happy battling this alone, with the support of my son and daughter.

Really I’m not that bothered that I haven’t heard, but then I get to thinking, there are lots of others out there that are suffering with, or looking after someone with Dementia that is far more severe, are they being looked after?

My hope is that the support is there for those that need it!

Please comment on anything I have said. Thank You!

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