Dementia Related Post

I’m a Fax Machine!

I remember, not too long ago, or maybe it was, when I had a Fax machine. Well to be correct, it was an App.

Apps, this is one of those newish terms we use now without thinking about. I’m 65, so I grew up in the explosion of new technology and wanted to learn everything there was to learn, from programming and the computer programs that were being produced to do all these amazing things like… well I’ll leave that bit for you to decide, but these were called programs. Then someone, up there with the Gods, just below the big God, decided programming doesn’t really sound that good, more like brainwashing, sort of. It was decided that something nicer, friendly, applicable… ‘Application sounds nice,’ said, Geoffrey. ‘Oh No! said, Zippy, ‘Much too long!’ he responded in his usual intellectual and knowledgeable manner. Then Bungle piped up, using his two brain cells to fire a debate worthy of an Oxford debating society meeting. ‘Errr… App…. and before the full word could be expressed, the reply from, Geoffrey and Zippy, in unison, ‘App!’ ‘Perfect!’ Bungle, just look bemused and nodded! And all was good and everybody was happy again!

I know, I’m wandering again!

So, back to my Fax machine, or to be correct, my Fax App. I learned everything about it and I think I could do it all! The company had done a fantastic job of self promoting it. Why their program, sorry App, was not running the country, no the World, I just don’t know!? I now knew how to fax and had sent loads to myself. You can always tell a good app, because a good app lets you spend more time playing with yourself, than ever playing with anyone else. As everyone knows, this is possibly the main maxim of life… maybe?

Now, Days, weeks and months went by and my fax app gathered dust. Well it didn’t because it’s a program inside the computer, but metaphorically speaking, it was gathering dust. Does that make sense? Finally, I set the little fax icon on the screen free and deleted the app. I ended up creating a Folder called, Fax… added the program, sorry again, App, then burned it to a disc! Now there is something else I could rabbit on about, burning and discs… maybe I should explain… or, maybe not! I couldn’t tell you where the Fax app is now, I think it is the large pile of other discs and files that are waiting for something!?

Then, out of the blue an email, from the Government, I think. It was asking about something and gave options to reply, email, text, letter and Fax! I was so excited! I know, it doesn’t take much these days. I tried to remember where it was. I hunted and trawled through hundreds, if not thousands of files and there is was, the Fax folder, containing, you guessed, the Fax App! This had only taken a few days of my life, but now I was to get the reward due to me for purchasing that invaluable app! All that effort would now prove it’s worth. I reinstalled it!

‘This software is no longer supported by your computer’s Operating System! Please update?’ Not a problem, so I did. ‘Sorry, there are no new updates, or support for this version!’ ‘Please try our latest, World beating App, as verified by a group I had never heard of, and for today only, you can get it at a super low price, for the prime, starter package!’ Tempting, but I decided against it!

If I could have faxed them, I would have, but I decided to email and complain instead. No reply!

So, why am I going on about this outdated, none supported and useless Fax App? Well I realised that I am not alone and there must be millions with the same Fax app as me, but at the same time just as many with Fax apps by other companies too. While some of the better known, are still supported and have some limited connection, most, like mine are obsolete and long forgotten.

I then realised that this is so like dementia. There are millions of us throughout the World with our own copy of dementia, but while there is support and some connection for the more well known, like Alzheimer’s, lewy body dementia, vascular dementia and frontotemportal dementia, for the majority, there is none. While there is always this, the new and latest world beating research that has, just around the corner, the best new update ever, nothing yet! You see it is only the brand names that get the recognition, funding and support. If your particular type of dementia, doesn’t quite fit, then today’s Social Operating System, does not support it! We are alone and unconnected. I’ve heard over and over, of people with non specified, mixed, or what ever else they call it, dementia, that does not fit the particular requirements of the exclusive dementia club scene, finding that after six months, their so called support seems to dwindle and finally disappear.

Although for us, our copy, or type of dementia, is fully operational, reinstalled and updated daily, it has no real Social, or group support. We will remain as lost files, in forgotten folders.

We know that only the well known get the funding, and support, and we are told that there will be possible updates that may benefit the rest of us too. I’m so grateful, I will just sit here and wait!

Billions have been, and continue to be spent, without any treatments forth coming. If this is what is happening for the known dementia sufferers, what hope is there for the rest of us?

I no longer will accept being patronised with fleeting words, or scraps of maybe in the future, or someday!

I, as with all the other dementia sufferers, have fully functioning dementia today and our needs, need to be addressed by today’s Social Operating System. There are millions of us now and there will be many more tomorrow, if we don’t address this problem!

We are not demented fax machines!

Please comment on anything I have said. Thank You!

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