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Feeling a bit… Woof! 🐶 (Warning… Not the nicest of subjects!)

But apparently this is a good thing. I’ll explain… I’ve noticed a change in my toilet habits. (I did warn you!) After I’ve had something to eat, usually about half an hour, I have to go to the toilet; not a pee, but a rooney roll into the waiting bowl! 💩

Now, this is something that is different for me in a major way. Up until now, I have relied on daily medication, fibrogel and enemas every other day to maintain a healthy toilet regime. This also requires me to wear pads, like a nappy, which is not the best of things, but needs must! However, this change in toilet habits is making me think, I may not need to rely on this medicated, and padded torture, and maybe I could return to a normal existence?

The first thing I needed to do was make sure that I did not have any underlying problems. If you have pain, discomfort, blood in your stools, nausea, or any discomfort or unpleasant side affects when visiting the toilet, then there could be cause for concern and you must go to the doctor as a matter of urgency! I did not and do not, have any problems. In fact I would say this is quite an enjoyable experience, I know this may sound strange, but trust me, I have not had any sensation for so long, anything is an improvement!

So, the next question was why was this happening? The most dramatic change is the complete removal from my addiction and subsequent reliance on Morphine! As I slowly withdrew from this I started having a change in toilet habits. I had moved from a situation of no sensation and total reliance on an artificial daily routine, to having uncomfortable, painful and uncontrollable accidents. But, accidents I thing I am becoming pleased about… if that makes any sense!?

The next contributing factor I think is exercise. I’m sure any and all forms of exercise is good for you, but mine is quite unique. I use a wheelchair and apart from using my arm and upper body, I have this continual sit-up, come rocking motion. It is this that I thing stimulates and helps my internal organs do their business. Of course, I could be wrong about this, but I have notice improvements in my toileting habits and routines with the increase in exercise.

Now, I bet you keep thinking about the title, ‘Feeling a bit Woof!’ and think I really meant, rough? Well you see dogs will need to go out and do their business soon after eating. In fact this is a process many animals follow. You see it is a natural and normal process. The process goes like this; you eat something and you start by chewing your food and the swallowing it. It goes into the stomach where it starts to get broken down into a nice, nutrition rich sludge. From here it travels through many different organs of the digestive system. First the small intestines where all the good bits are removed, used and stored by the body. Onward to the Colon, also known as the large intestine where the remainder of anything of use is absorbed and water is extracted. Finally as it passes through to the end of the colon where the remaining waste matter is compacted and prepares for a sort trip and splash in the bowl below. This trip is apparently is triggered by our next meal. When we eat and our stomach gets full, signals are sent to the large intestine telling it, that it is time to get rid of any stored wasted matter, because you have a whole lot more coming through. This process takes about 24 – 36 hours to complete. If you have a good, and varied, diet and get a bit of everyday exercise, the digestion of food and consolidation of waste is continually in operation.

Many dogs apparently love to run around after doing their business and seem to enjoy the after glow. I think I can relate to that and there is the reason for the, Woof! in the title!

This process is normal and a good sign, providing there are no underlying problems as mentioned above, that your body is functioning as it should. Babies are really good at this and in fact it is a good sign that the baby is getting a good supply of essential nutrients and fats etc.

Finally, for me, I’m over the moon that I may be able to get a normal and essential process of my life, back in my control! I still have some way to go and still rely on the daily bind, no pun intended, of using other stuff to maintain a healthy system. I also think that other medication is having an impact!

However, soon I hope, rooney rolls will be back on the menu… well not menu…timetable… schedule….. you know what I mean! 💩 Fingers Crossed! 🤞

Please comment on anything I have said. Thank You!

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