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I’ve Gone to the Dogs!

Once upon a time… not so long ago… when Cavapoos, Labradoodles, Pomskies and Puggles were called mongrels and free to any good home. Dogs were treated like dogs. They would be fed once a day, exercised and allowed to sleep in peace. So, why am I talking about dogs? Well if you ever had a dog back in those crazy days, you would have noticed that dogs would have a poo shortly after having their food. I always wondered why; was this the food going straight through?

Well, it seems that this is due to something we have in common with our best friends and it’s called Gastrocolic-Reflex.

When we start to eat our brain receives a signal and then tells our Gut to get rid of waste from the food we have previously eaten. This process is called Gastocolic-Reflex. Simple; ‘Put the garbage out as fresh food supplies are coming in.’

‘Bowel. Gut, Intestine all seem to be interchangeable as standard terms.’

However, what we eat and how often has changed a lot, for dogs and humans. This does have an impact on the Gastrocolic-Reflex process. The type of food we consume, how much and how often usually, means that food is always in our Gut and being continually digested. In severe cases, Constipation becomes a big problem. It seems that this could, and I believe it must harm the Gastrocolic-Reflex process. Much research, over many years, has been carried out. However, it appears that the focus of treatment is on the symptoms rather than treating the cause.

‘The word Constipation derives from Latin and means compacted.’

I assumed that this Gastrocolic-Reflex was triggered by the amount of food we eat, but this doesn’t seem to be the case. Some say that certain foods or drinks do this, and the range is extensive. The time and intensity are also just as diverse.

It seems to me that modern diets and eating patterns could, in many cases, cause imbalance and related problems to our Gastrocolic-Reflex process. The result is that you have a new Poo Regular habit! Time, types of food or drinks set you off with uncontrollable and untimely bouts of Poo-hoo!

For many, this is not a simple matter and can be life debilitating and lead to significant medical problems and treatments.

So you are most likely asking what have I done, well the answer is simple, and you probably already know the answer. I have changed my diet and my general eating pattern.

This is how it used to be; Get up and have breakfast, usually cereal, with sugar, of course. Dinner time toast with cheese one of my favourites and then evening a nice big meal of whatever would fit on a plate. Besides this, I may have the occasional biscuit, or two, maybe the packet… and seem to be munching throughout the day generally.

Now; I don’t have anything to eat before 12. My first meal is usually my main meal, and it consists of as fresh as possible. My daughter cooks fantastic meals, and these are just perfect. I try and keep processed foods and carbohydrates to a minimum. I try and eat my last meal around five and before 6. This is a light meal, but always filling and something I enjoy. You have to enjoy what you eat!

I eat within six hours of each day, and my body then has 18 to digest the food. This is having a major positive impact on my health, both mentally and physically.

It may sound severe, and at first, it was hard. Routine was the problem; I wanted breakfast, not because I was hungry, but because it was a habit, and my body craved sugar. The trick was to be active in the morning, not see breakfast as the first activity of the day, which most do, due to work, school and other commitments. I also realised that once I started eating, I began to munch my way through the day.

Don’t get me wrong, I still fancy, chocolate, biscuits, cheese, but now I can enjoy them now and again and see them as treats, not everyday mouth fillers. If I ever get out, I look forward to those accasional blow-outs too!

I also have weeks’ where I’ll have a change; like having fruit at the beginning of each month, or times when I’ll have biscuits, crisp etc. These are very nice and brings variety to the process that we rely on and takes up so much of our time.

I also think it keeps my Gastropic-Reflex system on the ball and functioning as it should!

and for evermore… I will be a mongrel eating as he should! The End!

Please comment on anything I have said. Thank You!

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