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The Diagnosis Detectives

So the BBC is now showing us what a Health Service should be. A service that uses experts to trace and locate the cause of problems, rather than to hand out medication to suppress the symptoms.

‘Imagine if you had a life-changing illness that no one had ever given you a diagnosis?’ Michael Mosley’s first words of his new BBC program, The Diagnosis

Is a diagnosis everything? The first case in this series gets a diagnosis, the cause of which is unknown, and there is no cure. He is learning to live with his illness, with the treatment of the symptoms. So no change for him!

I have had ongoing and developing problems with memory, spatial awareness, sounds, vision and other numerous issues, for over 20years. I was then given a diagnosis of Dementia. However, this means I have to accept there is no known cause and no cure! Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

This TV program produced as entertainment shows us autopian world where all these departments of a medical service consider your medical condition. However, this is only for those that can afford it!

Infectious Diseases
Respiratory Medicine

What is missing is the guidance, care and treatment while you are going along this often long and debilitating period in your life. It comes down to handing out medication to suppress the symptoms and then waiting to hear from you again, or until a time when they hope you don’t go back.

A doctor in the first episode says, ‘It is best to have a diagnosis than not.’ Then tells the man, they don’t know what the cause of the problem is, so no idea how to cure it! Was that the diagnosis, we don’t know? Did this help?

Why did I have to wait for decades to be told I had something that they couldn’t do anything about. Why didn’t they say this in the first place? In all that time, I never received any words of advice on how to live, but now they have told me how I could expect to die! I’m really grateful for the diagnosis!

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