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This is it! The Cause, The Cure!

This is it!

When clearly, it is not.

We hear so little about Dementia treatments. The reason is simple; there are none.

So, when something, however small, is mentioned, the World goes mad. All sorts of stories start to unfold, and cash registers begin to ching to another money-making idea.

Listen and Read… Good exercise for the brain

Don’t get me wrong. I believe in continued research. However, I want something to be done about this situation when a research paper, in a registered medical journal, becomes a singular fact. What I mean by this is the research often guides and requires further investigation, but more often than not, it is reported as the only relevant finding.

You may have heard of Amyloid Plaques an area of research that was first mentioned in the summarised lecture notes by an Alois Alzheimer in 1907. He was then working to prove a theory of Emil Kraepelin’s about, brain pathology and the symptoms of presenile Dementia. In 1910 this became, what we now know today as, Alzheimer’s Disease.

The research is still going into Amyloid Plaques. Millions and billions have been spent on this research. Still, there is no definitive fact from this research in terms of a so-called cure.

The new kid on the block is the ApoE4 Gene, now being called the ‘Alzheimer’s Gene.’ There is more information and misinformation about this than you could ever wish to read. Money is being made! You can now have your DNA tested for the ApoE gene, ApoE4 is a particular strand of ApoE. Will that help… No!

Does having the ApoE4 Gene mean you will get Dementia, or more specific Alzheimer’s Disease, no!

This Gene is rare, and it is not even considered in a diagnosis unless there is a significant family history and symptoms.

Does more research need to be done, most definitely!

However, please do not believe this is it; that this is the cause; this is the route to a cure.

I’ve placed below an interview that you may find interesting.

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