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‘I’m Not Me Anymore!’

‘I’m Not Me Anymore!’

I read about Robin Williams, and an account the director of the film Robin was in, Night At The Museum made. He said Robin had told him, ‘I’m not me anymore!’ He also noted that the joy had gone!

I was struck by this because this is exactly how I feel. In truth, I have felt like this for many years.

I wonder how many others feel this way too?

Robin is sadly no longer with us. It seems that he was undoubtedly experiencing dementia-like signs and symptoms. The problem is that there is no definitive answer, no specific diagnoses, no cure and no treatment. But the medical profession does their best and like to group people if possible. He was told he had Parkinson’s, and when we think of this, we all feel that dread. Parkinson’s is a form of Dementia, and those feelings are the same for most of us that have any form of Dementia.

You hear that patients are depressed, stressed, paranoid, frustrated, angry and different, but wouldn’t anyone feel like this if they too had been given the news that they had something that has no answer, no cure, no treatment; other than to treat the above?

After his death and following a post mortem, a report stated that there were large protein deposits throughout the brain. The medical profession then said that he had Lewy Bodied Dementia. However, the truth is that there is no way to prove this. There have been cases where people have had high protein deposits found in the brain that didn’t show any signs of Dementia while alive.

I read comments like this all the time, ‘It is thought that LBD is responsible for 10 to 15 per cent of Dementia cases!’

However, there seems to be no proof of any causal link between these two things; Dementia and these Lewy Bodied Proteins.

The same is true for Amoloyd Plaques and Tangles, two others found in the brain after death and stated as a cause of Dementia.

I’m not saying that there isn’t a link, but is it the cause, or effect of something?

There is such a small percentage of things related to causing Dementia, with the largest share having to leave us with no idea. It is becoming more apparent, or I believe it is becoming more apparent that what happens in our lives has a major influencing factor. It could be illness, an accident, working conditions, excessive drinking, illegal and prescriptive drugs and even now we here more and more sports-related causes.

Millions are spent every year looking for a magic bullet. I want a campaign that sets up a database of Dementia sufferers lives. There are millions of us sitting out there with nowhere to go and no idea of what is coming. I do not suggest we write a nice story, that doesn’t end well, but looking at specific questions, that greater minds have thought about and deemed worthy of collection for the greater good. To look at the history or patients that are suffering these devastating signs and symptoms, and to see if there are any common aspects that link us all. Then maybe answers can be given and more importantly, advice, help, guidance and actual treatment that not only will help sufferers now but help all those that have no idea what is coming!

By working together, we can share the most significant thing that is missing today: Hope!

Please comment on anything I have said. Thank You!

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