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Frustrated? Me? I don’t know what you chuffing mean!

I had a nice letter from Tommy this morning, and it made me think about something I hadn’t really thought about before. That is Frustration!

I suppose I’m one of those who gets frustrated and can fly off the handle a little bit, but frustration with Dementia is a whole new thing. Whereas if something goes a bit adrift when you are doing something, and you can have a good old rant and rave, without anyone else being present of course, and then you get to a hopeful and successful answer to solve the problem, with Dementia, there isn’t!

For me, Dementia is pure, unadulterated FRUSTRATION!

From the moment I first went to the doctor, because I was definitely having a few memory problems, that were indeed not normal, I’ve felt out on a limb, in the dark, patronised and received very little, if any help or advice that helped me!

After many years, I quickly realised that the reason for this is that those that think they know don’t! It is simple; they spend a lot of time sending you for this, asking you that and getting you to do the silly test, only to tell you… ‘Err, you’ve got Dementia, but there isn’t anything we can do for it. There is no cure and really no treatment, and maybe now, it’s a bit too late! ‘

So, what do you say to this happy turn of events? Nothing! But, the frustration builds! If you are like me and looking for answers, then you have to know that there are two sides; them that are the professionals and paid to tell you something, and us, this side, who are well aware of what is going on inside our heads and which we need answers to that give us some hope!

I always read that depression and anxiety are a common symptom of Dementia. I still think, well if you were told you had some degenerative disease that there is no cure or treatment for, wouldn’t you be just a little bit depressed and anxious too?

As long as research focuses on looking for a singular cure, I think the frustration will remain. However, I believe there is hope. Prevention is becoming more and more considered seriously. I believe this is not only a significant step as far a preventative measure, but is fundamental in treating people with Dementia now! Prevention is basically what we all have been told for a long time; diet and exercise, but with the added element, mental stimulation.

I believe that we can slow, stop and maybe reverse the signs and symptoms known as Dementia. If you know something is wrong, please don’t wait to be told, ‘Yes we think you have Dementia,’ do something about it now!

We can make a difference, and if I don’t have that as a belief, what is there?

Act now, stop the frustration, because I believe that it is never too late!

Please comment on anything I have said. Thank You!

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