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Do You Know The Cause?

A question I have never been asked, ‘What do you think caused your Dementia?’ If you ask the professionals, I should imagine all you will get is repetition from the leaflets with a cringe!

But, could this possibly help? It seems that we, as sufferers are too thick really to take part in the discussion of Dementia. I mean you haven’t studied it for a few years, reading all the stuff that isn’t there! Plus, you have Dementia, so come on! Me being cynical aside, I think this could be an excellent exercise to develop an understanding of perception with regards to Dementia, especially from the viewpoint from the one suffering the symptoms and those close that see the signs.

I have my thoughts of what triggered my Dementia, and it goes way back to the late 80s, while on holiday in France, I was stung, by something which I had a bad reaction to. From that time, I think I have felt something was not quite right, and indeed, my health deteriorated from that time. Slowly at first and then building to a devastating climax!

But then I started thinking of all the other things. I mean, I grew up in the 60s and then DDT was widely used, lead was in the paint, asbestos was a good thing, burning coal was ordinary, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Then what about work? I was a mining apprentice, so I had many bumps and scrapes. I was in the forces and was involved in an incident which left me with head injuries. I worked in Aerospace and used carbon tetrachloride every day, as a spray to clean components. These were just a minute proportion of harmful elements that could have caused damage to my body and brain.

Much is said about preventing Dementia, because it develops many years, and possibly decades before we ever become aware of the signs and symptoms. I’m a big advocate of getting everyone to do the obvious things we are all well aware of and repeated repeatedly. Good Diet, Exercise and cut out the things which are bad for use, like drugs, drink and smoking!

Smoking, that was promoted on telly when I was a lad. I think you had to smoke when you went to school. Well, not quite, but you get the idea!

I’m sure in today’s technologically advanced world; some funded research body could develop some questionnaire that could be instantly and statistically analysed. The questions would relate to your history, health, work, environment, accidents and illnesses etc. This would be a mammoth task, but I’m sure that it could give us some insight and certainly more than we have now.

I’ve pondered over the possible cause, or causes, many times and I’m sure you must have done the same. So for now, I would like to ask you, ‘What do you think caused your Dementia?’

Please comment on anything I have said. Thank You!

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