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Not Again!

Not again!

I have a kettle that has a button on the top. You put coffee, or tea bag, in the cup, put the cup under the spout of the kettle and hit the button. The kettle boils, and water as if by magic runs into the cup, boiling and ready for a nice cuppa.

But, I forever forget to put the cup under the spout! I’ve just done it again! I’ve done it so many times, and each time I tell myself it’s not going to happen next time. You know what happens.

Why does this keep happening?

Click and listen as you read along…

This morning, I was doing my kefir; it’s a good drink for you, apparently? I had forgotten I was making my coffee. Then it struck me; I switched from one thing to another without realising. It is as if my brain is going down one line of thought and then something happens up there and I’m it’s on a different road altogether.

This happens a lot, with many different things. I’m always doing one thing and then doing another without realising. You know that one, where you go somewhere, to do something and then? Well, I think that is a similar thing.

Is this a problem with how the signals are being transmitted in my brain, or is it something more fundamental in what I do? I’m very easily distracted. Is it that I’m thinking of lots of different things at one time and not focussing on the one task?

I’ve tried having notes as reminders, but to be honest, I miss them. I have a calendar app with lots of things to do at certain times; like take my tablets, this is good because it is connected to my watch, which I wear all the time, and it vibrates when as a reminder. This does grab my attention, so maybe that is the thing, when I’m about to do something, like making a cup of coffee, I need something to grab and keep my attention?

I know this does sound such an easy problem, but it is happening all the time!

Any ideas on how I get focused, grab my attention and do one thing at a time, please?

Please comment on anything I have said. Thank You!

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