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Am I an idiot?


This question made me smile because I didn’t really know how they were asking the question?

Was it:

Why are you recording a song every day?
You’re an idiot!

Why are you recording a song every day?
Have you got nothing better to do?

Why are you recording a song every day?
You’re really not that good!

Why are you recording a song everyday?
To make money?

How this question was asked just went around and around in my head, with a different slant on its intent, so I thought I would try and explain.

If you don’t know by now, I’m living with Dementia and I believe that we can slow, stop and reverse the symptoms known as Dementia if we change our lifestyles. The earlier we do this, the better the chance of success, for those suffering now and those who don’t even know it is there and growing!

We all hear of Alzheimer’s, and the death sentence readily handed out with this diagnosis. This is a diagnosis given when certain conditions are met, and it is usually when people are in the later stages with their dementia symptoms.

Alzheimer’s may be the most commonly known; I’m not sure where the statement came from? Still, people with other Dementias are in their millions around the World and outnumber any single Dementia related illness. That is just the people diagnosed as showing specific symptoms, signs, or answering certain questions wrong. Then there are those that know something is not quite right and haven’t been convinced they need to act now!

So, I’m doing everything I can to beat this monster we all know as Dementia. I’m not doing this by just doing anything that I think is just something to try. I read reports, research documents, those that are available, listen to TED all the time, try and obtain all relevant information out there and then follow areas that are proven, or strongly linked to scientific reasoning.

The first thing to note, there is no single type of Dementia that can be cured by any prescribed treatment. What is always amazes me is the same things keep coming around and around. We all know these, we have heard them for years, and I think it is so ubiquitous of everyday life, that we don’t even see it, or worse, take any notice!

Good Living! Diet and exercise! The simple things that are missed or avoided by most!

I’m big on what I eat when I eat and want to know everything about what constitutes my diet. The fact that is often missed, we are all on a Diet!

Exercise is a significant asset to living well throughout all our lives. The benefits of exercise and I’m not talking about doing silly things in a gym for hours on end unless of course, that’s your thing, but what we often don’t even see as exercise. Being mobile and getting the blood flowing and the lungs working.

Then there are those things that are becoming more popular now, such as sleeping. It is not about the amount of time you sleep but the quality of that sleep. Research into this shows that the working of the brain and its maintenance are fundamentally linked to good quality sleep.

A significant factor in keeping well and staving off the ravages of Dementia is mental exercise. This just means working the brain. Brain exercise covers so many things. There is so much that we can do to achieve this as an everyday part of our lives. It does not have to be another chore to endure!

As a part of this is the novel. I’m not talking about writing a book; enough people are doing that already. I mean novel as the adjective. I’m talking about things that are new, unusual, or different for anything you have seen, known or done before.

The brain is a fantastic thing; I’m stating the obvious. It has a significant task, and that is to be as efficient as it can be. If the routine is the order of the day, it will only focus its energy and resources to that task. If you do this long enough, then it almost becomes a task the brain doesn’t even have to think about, no pun intended! Do other parts of the brain suffer then, I think that could be possible, but I haven’t found any research into this area yet. It just makes sense to me; twenty per cent of our energy is taken up by the brain. The brain will not waste energy.

I believe the brain enjoys new things. I’m not sure if enjoys is the right word, but you get the idea. So, this is where my, ‘Song a Day, ‘ comes in! I bet you are now thinking, ‘Well it took you long enough!’

I’m not a singer, or producer. I just like singing and playing my ukelele. However, this was almost routine to me, I’ve done it for so long, it was if I was on autopilot when picking a song to play. I needed to boost this in some way, to do something I enjoy, give my brain a bit of a challenge.

I decided, just of the top off my head, I will sing a song every day of 2021. The mere challenge was in itself a challenge! I hadn’t really thought it through, but now the task was set, it was down to working out how to do this.

I use the computer most days, and I’m ok with most of it.

The challenge, to pick a song, learn it and then record it. Sounds simple enough! I’m learning a new program called Logic Pro X. It’s a music program to do almost anything with music. I’m learning this day on day, which requires me to read a manual, which is not that straightforward when using a completely new language. I watch loads of Youtube stuff, much of which is not really that helpful and then I just have a go.

At the end of the day, I have a song finished. It more often than not, isn’t what you would call good enough to listen to, but my brain is buzzing. I feel like I have worked hard mentally. I have new ideas brewing and unique areas to learn about Logic Pro to work on tomorrow. Hopefully, the songs will get better, I will sound a bit better, and best of all, I will be beating the monster that is Dementia!

There it is, simple and straight forward. I’m learning and singing a ‘Song a Day of 2021, just for you!’ But, a big part of it is for me too!

Please comment on anything I have said. Thank You!

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  1. Well said Richard! The main thing is you are enjoying it and it’s keeping your brain active and alive. I think it’s a great challenge. Keep it going!

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