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Now is the Time!

I read this quote by George Burns.
(George Burns was a well known American comedian, actor, singer and writer.)

I look to the future because that’s where I’m going to spend the rest of my life.

While I was getting my brain cells to work on his quote, the telly was on; it always seems to be on. A voice of a young mum caught my attention. ‘There seems to be no end to this. I’m so worried about the future. It’s depressing when there seems no end. It’s affecting my mental health!’

She was obviously talking about Covid. It seems that is all that is happening at the moment. However, it was the fixation on the future that interested me.

I realised, not too long ago, that my life is made up of tomorrows. I mean expecting tomorrow to be different, better! When I talk about tomorrows, I mean the next day, week, month, or year. When I’ve spoken with others, it became clear that most people seem to live in this state of futurism too. This perception that there is something better to come. Although this does have a nice ring to it, one thing I’ve learned by life is, it never happens on its own.

I’ve always been chasing that better tomorrow, but now I’m there, so to speak, I’m looking back and wondering what I missed and where it has gone!

What I was missing was what I had at this moment in my life. Now is the thing. We have to grab life for the moment because that is how we will all live.

We all have plans, of course, we do. Individual and society growth is only possible through the aspirational goals we all have and share. We all want a better World without the devastation that we more often than not caused. We all want our children to have it all. We all want to be happy and content.

Our social structure is based on and has developed with the concept of doing what is right and good for us all. We are a part of that society. It may often seem there are many negatives which are too easy to get hooked on, but we have to hope that the plans set are mainly for the good of us all.

So, what we should focus on, and something I think many of us miss without even knowing before it is too late, is that now, is the essential time. Leave the plans; you have thought about and maybe set in motion, live today!

What we do at this moment will give us the memories that we will know as our yesterdays. These are something that we can not do anything about but, remember, cherish and learn from. It makes sense, that the better we make today, the greater we will enjoy those moments to reflect.

I understand that lives are so different from one another, and some will seem to have nothing to brighten the day. This is one of the significant failings of our so-called modern and civilised World, we fail so many, while others seem to have it all.

I go back to the quote I started with:

I look to the future because that’s where I’m going to spend the rest of my life.

I think George was maybe talking about a time when society would be a better and more inclusive place for us all.

We have to think about now, to live now and do what we can now! Make the best of the life you live. I don’t mean to endure, but to do all you can to live every moment to the full, contented and happy!

Make plans for the future; they are essential but don’t continually look too far. Plan, for now, the next few days, but plan to make them the best of times!

Tomorrow will be brighter, and what you do now will help the most!

Please comment on anything I have said. Thank You!

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