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Is Prevention the Cure?

Is Prevention the Cure?

We continually hear statistics such as;

By 2050 over 115 million people will be suffering from Dementia.

There are over 100 types of Dementia or causes.

Every 3 seconds, someone, somewhere is diagnosed with having Dementia.

Things that may contribute include, inactivity, high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking and obesity.

We know that the causes of Dementia can be decades in its development, and long before you ever know.

We are told that 30% or maybe 40% of the causes of Dementia may be preventable. The reason this figure changes is because whoever is making the statement at the time, decides.

This means that 70% or is it 60% of cases are not preventable.

Now, when you ask, ‘What are the causes?’ the answers are unclear. We know that trauma, strokes and illness do have a contributing factor and often cannot be prevented by their very nature. Does this account for such a high level of non-preventable causes?

One of the most insidious unanswered questions we hear, ‘Is it the cause or the consequence?’ This is a significant factor in addressing the point of prevention, or cure, and I believe why we go around and around trying to decide the course of any action.

Even Alois Alzheimer, maybe the most well-known name when it comes to dementia, remained uncertain if plaques and tangles found in the brain were the cause or consequence of dementia. This was after discovering that many non-demented people also showed similar plaques and tangles. A position that we do not seem to have moved from in all this time!

I don’t understand why prevention isn’t a direction that research is going. I do understand that billions are put into research by pharmaceutical companies to come up with a magic bullet, and it doesn’t take a genius to know why? However, with all that has been spent, there is still no treatment!

So, is prevention the cure? Well prevention and cure, don’t really sit together. They seem to be on opposite sides. If you prevent something, then you don’t need to find a cure!

My interest is that what is being continually bandied about as prevention, could also be the cure for many, like me suffering from some signs of Dementia now.

The same things we continually hear that could prevent it, could cure it too!

I think I’ve heard the same things repeatedly in my life—Good Living; Diet and Exercise. Of course, we always hear the new kids on the block such as, smoking, drugs, hearing loss, poor mental health and the list grows. When you think about it, what else is there? If it isn’t, Good Living, then it must be things out of our control, and we are back with trauma, illness, environmental impacts, strokes and that list grows too, but not nearly as much.

So, we have to address our lifestyle. We all know this!

We know that little can be done after a certain point of brain damage regarding recovery. In fact, as of this moment, there isn’t anything! However, for those that seem to be some point away from that cliff edge, I believe that actively changing the way we live and following the prevention advice, we can also slow, stop and even reverse our dementia.

I do therefore think that prevention is the cure too!

This idea and belief infuse me. I mean, what is it about trying that the professionals do not like? When will research give us hope and not just this dark, relentless and inevitable path to hell, based on expensive and empty documents?

I have hope and a goal to do all I can to live, isn’t that what we all have?

Prevention is indeed better than cure!

It is never too late and also, it is never too early!

Please comment on anything I have said. Thank You!

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