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Logic Pro X… can you help?

I am working on my personal Dementia Challenge to learn, sing and record a song every day of 2021.

It’s going great!

I’ve got nothing fancy, no studio or support bands, just me, a basic set up, with mic, computer and using a program I’ve not used before called Logic Pro X.

After the first month, I’ve got a fundamental working knowledge of Logic Pro X, but I need to do more to improve the finished song! This is where I hope you can help?

I’m looking for anyone with a good understanding of Logic Pro X and would be willing to give me a quick helping hand.

I’ve tried looking online, mainly YouTube, but most are either too quick and shallow or are by those that understand what they are talking about, but no idea that they may be talking to someone that doesn’t, and it goes sailing by, way over my head!

I try and learn something more in-depth with Logic Pro X each day, all centered around producing a better-finished song for the listener.

I’m at a position where most of my songs sound the same and feel like the voice is sitting on top of the backing tracks and not really a part of the music. If that make sense?

I know the voice could do with a bit, well a lot, of help too, but I’m stuck with it!

So, can you help? Something to work on over the next month, a tip a day?

I need some guidance and direction that can hopefully help me and certainly help the listener too

Please comment on anything I have said. Thank You!

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