Dementia Related Post

On Wednesday morning,

I woke on the living room floor. I don’t remember getting up, or going into the kitchen, but later I found my once full cup of coffee on the floor, so I must have got as far as making a cup of coffee.

My one crutch was still on my right arm; the other was some way away from me. I knew what had happed and knew I just needed to get to bed.

It was strange that I had my crutches, normally I’ll be in my wheelchair first thing.

I realised then I couldn’t move, my arm was paining me again, but it was my back. It took a while to pull myself into the bedroom and onto the bed, and that was it.

When I woke and tried to sit up, my back had that cramp that you get when you twist or lift something too heavy.

Today is Tuesday. I’m feeling better, which is usually how it goes. In a few more days I’ll be back to normal.

I’m feeling groggy, my shoulder is tender and my back aches, but I’m slowly coming back.

I had to write this before I forget all about it!

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