Songs from, The Demented Rd Studios

My Songs are Not Me!

I received an email today saying I was cheating with my songs!

The comment said I was singing over the top of original recordings, so more of the original singer was heard and not me!

At first, this annoyed me, especially as they didn’t have the decency, to give a valid reply address.

I’ve been going around mumbling to myself, as I do, getting wound up about something totally ridiculous.

First, I’m cheating! What am I, or who am I fooling?

So I thought I would get this straight before any other moron decides to waste time from their sad lives writing to complain about something and nothing!

I use professionally produced backing tracks, and I do not use any of the artist original music. All the instruments are separate, and sometimes I do use backing tracks of backing singers too.

I use Logic Pro X to record my tracks.

I record my voice several times and layer these, hoping to give a fuller and nicer sound. Sometimes, well quite often, the different vocal tracks do not quite line up together, so you’ll sometimes hear the other recorded voices. I do try as best as I can to get the timing right.

When I’m happy as I can be with the vocal tracks, I then spend a good amount of timing putting or mixing all the tracks together.

I do this all in my bedroom. I’m sure you’ve heard of Abby Road Studios, made famous by the Beatles, well my Studios are called, The Demented Road Studios.

I do this ‘A Song a Day’ Challenge for my own personal reasons; to beat my dementia and become sane! I don’t get paid by anyone. I don’t ask anyone to like or contribute financially in any way!

Each song is added to my blog, and then I share it on Twitter and Facebook. I want people to listen and comment, like and share, but that is all. If you find the songs too bad, then please let me know and block any of my Tweets from getting to you!

I’m sorry if I offend and upset anyone by doing my songs, but really, I don’t think it is me that has the problem!

The voices you hear is 100% me!

I just had a thought; I suppose in a roundabout way, this is a compliment!?

Please comment on anything I have said. Thank You!

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  1. Some people are pathetic and need to get a life! I guess those who comment in a not nice way or don’t leave a valid email address are only jealous.
    Don’t let this stop you from singing your heart out. I look forward to hearing your song a day.
    Love C x💜

  2. You should take it as a big compliment if they think your songs are that close to the originals! Some people have nothing better to do with their lives than post nasty comments about things or people they know nothing about. Don’t let them stop you singing. I too look forward every day to hearing each new song. 🎶 🎧

  3. There are always going to be trolling-twats trying to provoke reaction,response and upset reckon it’s because in real life no-one gives a shit about what they think whatsoever!..I mean really being malicious and trying to bring people down hidden behind the anonymity computer affords them oooooo you’re hard 😱🤌🏼

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