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Are You Aware 2?

Until yesterday, I had never heard of the word, Anosognosia, and I bet it will be the same for many others too?

 Anosognosia is a word that comes from the Greek’s and means, ‘Without knowledge of the disease.’ 

I wrote a piece called ‘Are You Aware?’ I wanted to know if people were aware that they had or showed signs of Dementia. I didn’t get much of a response, other than friends who always reply. I assumed that people might be in denial about their condition or just too stubborn to face it, but then I came across this article, and it added another possibility. 

People are either aware and acknowledge the fact. Aware but deny it, or suffer from, Anosognosia and are not aware of it! 

According to the WebMD site, Anosognosia is common in people with mental illness, such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia and estimated that 57%-98% could suffer from Anosognosia. However, what caught my attention, ‘Many people with neurological disorders have this condition. It isn’t unusual for someone with Alzheimer’s to get it. Stroke patients often do, too.’

My question has now changed, and who answers it could also vary.  

So, I’m hoping for some interesting responses? 

1. Are you aware of and acknowledge it?

2. Are you in denial?

3. Are you suffering from Anosognosia?

Here is the first article: Are You Aware?

Are you aware?

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