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Lorazepam Free!

Well, this is the third day of taking no Lorazepam.

The fourth month of a slow and painful withdrawal process, but I’m here!

Lorazepam has been removed and now joins the other medication that I had become dependent on. It has taken about three years, but each step has brought me back to life.

I feel a bit rough, agitated, irritable, fuzzy, and all the other things I know as withdrawal. My body crazes the substance to be expected, but it will get used to the new normal in time! It is hard, and sometimes it would be so much easier just to take that one tablet, and all will be well! But, one tablet takes you back into the black hole, and you have to start all over again, and all that distance you have travelled is for nothing!

I have called this an addiction in the past, but on reading more, I now realise that I am wrong to use this term. Addiction is what happens when someone takes something by choice, and they get to a point where they need more to meet their daily life. I’m not addicted; I didn’t take this drug by choice; it was prescribed. I’ve become dependent on these drugs through no fault of my own!

Addicts and dependence may have this same need to take a substance to maintain their so-called normal state of living, but the way they are addressed by the medical and social world would seem to require a different approach!?

Lorazepam now joins the other medication I’ve come off:

Donepezil 10mg 1 daily at night Dementia
Citalopram 40mg 1 daily at night SSRI Anti Depressant
Gabapentin 300mg 1 – 3 times daily Nerve Pain & Epilepsy.
Oramorph 10mg/5ml when required Severe Pain.
Zomorph 40mg 1 twice daily Severe Pain.

So what do you suggest next?

Aspirin 75mg 1 daily Heart
Atorvastatin 80mg 1 daily Heart
Bisoprolol 5mg 1 daily Beta Blocker Heart
Candesartan 16mg 1 daily Heart
Bendroflumethiazide 2.5mg I daily Diuretic Heart
Glyceryl Trinitrate 500micrograms when required Heart
Betahistine 16mg 1 – 3 times daily Meniere’s
Cinnarizine 15mg 2- 3 times daily Meniere’s
Lamotrigine 150mg 1 twice daily Anti Epileptic
Levetiracetam 1.5g 1 twice daily Anti Epileptic
Pregabalin 100mg 1 twice daily Nerve Pain. Anxiety & Epilepsy
Mirtazapine 45mg I daily at night Antidepressant
Risperidone 0.5mg 1 daily at night Anti psychotic
Venlafaxine 75mg I daily Antidepressant SNRIs
Omeprazole 20mg 1 daily Acid Reduction in stomach

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  1. Your doing fantastic Dad, I’m so proud of you for sticking to it & not giving in when sometimes it’s been difficult. I’m behind you and support you all the way.
    C x💜

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