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There is no other choice!

At first glance, this statement seems obvious, but it doesn’t mean that there is no other choice when you look just a little deeper!

The two sides of the same coin!

There is, of course, a clear case that many people have conditions that they have no choice over and I’m sure would change if possible.

Just imagine if the Health Service could offer practical, In-Hindsight-Treatments! But the truth is they can’t! They can only try and treat what is there in front of them at that moment.

We know this is the situation, but do we accept that now and as our future mantra?

Being told and then believing that, ‘There is no other choice,’ is a devastating option.

I was told you have Dementia, and there isn’t anything that we, the medical profession, can do. The inevitable was inevitable! Should I then just accept that as fact?

Well, the answer is simply No! They tell you what they perceive at that moment, and not a case of this is it for all time, because they don’t know!

Here lies the problem. A distinct and marked failure of the Mental Health Service to treat and care for people with Dementia-related issues. They don’t offer anything throughout, before coming to a point when they tell you they can’t do anything!

If you are being assessed for possible dementia problems, you receive no care, advice, or treatment attempts. After many months and even years in more cases, you are told yes, you have Dementia, but it’s too late, and there isn’t anything that we can do! What is the point? Why didn’t they give the care when needed and maybe offer a little hope!

Although you may have no choice in your present predicament, it doesn’t equate that you have no other choice regarding how you live your life, how you make the best of your situation, search for your way and have Hope and believe in a future!

You see, there may be no choice for you being in your present situation, but you also have no choice about facing it head-on and doing so with the Hope we all share! Together, we will live well!

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