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Car 1st, Body not even in the running!

I’ve just read that to own your own house is the number one priority and second is a car!

People care about their car far more than they do about themselves. They maintain it, get it serviced with all the crucial bits being checked, the battery is ok, the oil, the spark plugs, and even an electronic test to check the computer is working as it should and giving the correct information. It is driven to make sure that everything is in alignment and running as it should. The bits are changed as and when needed. The best oil and fuel is used, and even the inside gets a good overhaul now and then. It is taken out for a regular run, and when it has a few problems, new parts are always at hand. Even the Government insist you get it MOT’d every year, just to make sure it’s doing what it should.

So, what about the most important thing… you and me, the human body. How do most people look after this in comparison?

Well, they don’t really maintain it. They might get a guilt trip once in a while and go out on a pretend jog or walk the dog, but that soon wears off. It never gets a service, and the crucial bits don’t get checked unless again they begin to fail. The brain receives no checking, no test and no service. It’s not taken out that much if you can help it. It just gets dumped in any old place. It gets whatever fuel is at hand, usually not the best of quality and poor value. When something breaks, we get it looked at, a repair kit is used, and a good dose of something that will make you think it is doing you good. It doesn’t really get a good workout, and it’s more put in front of the telly to watch something designed to stupify and pacify at the same time. It is allowed to decay and degenerate into a shell of what once was human. Then we reach the point when we can hardly do anything, even if we wanted to. The onboard computer starts to operate in eco mode and shut down all the bits not being used, of which there seems to be more and more. The Government doesn’t insist you have a regular test unless you pay, of course. With less and less use, decay sets in and gets past the point of no return. Then too much rust and rot to do anything about.

The car’s still looking good, though, so not all bad!?

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