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I’m overweight but malnourished!?

Listen if you prefer…

I’m not a lover of sugar, well, I should say, processed sugar. We buy the refined stuff to stick in our tea and coffee, and we seem to use it whenever we can. That hidden stuff is in most processed foods; check the labels and see where sugar comes in the ingredients list. The higher an item is in the ingredients, the more or that item is in that product. It can be hard to spot the sugar on labels, the companies try to hide the fact, and that must make you think why. They can be listed under many names, making them sound more natural and healthy, such as corn syrup, agave nectar, palm sugar, cane juice, or sucrose, but these are processed sugars. Check the tins, sauces and cereals. It only takes a minute. If sugar or the like is high, then think again and here is why.

So why should we stay clear of processed sugars?

We all seem to know that sugar is full of those so-called empty calories that are blamed for putting on the pounds. One study showed people who increased sugar intake over two months gained nearly two pounds in weight; a whole bag of sugar they carry around every day, in just two months.

We are all well aware of high sugar intake and the terrible facts with Diabetes!

We may also know that it has a detrimental effect on your teeth, joints, skin, liver, heart, pancreas, kidneys and brain. Processed sugar isn’t good for us!

But, here is the thing I bet you didn’t know!

Excess sugar directly impacts our bodies ability to absorb and use protein and essential nutrients. There seems to be a negative aspect to low protein diets and increased sugar levels and even more if you on a high protein diet, so both seem bad. As for essential nutrients, it seems evident that our bodies will undoubtedly suffer if sugar impacts those vital nutrients.

This deficiency caused by increased sugar means that we can be overweight and malnourished.

Sounds strange, I know, but let me take this a little further. Why is it people who are overweight eat more? The answer is simple; they need to! Any fat stored on the body requires the body to maintain it, and to do that, it needs fuel! If the excess sugar we eat causes nutrient deficiencies, our body demands more food to replace those deficiencies. A vicious cycle takes hold. Our bodies crave we eat; we put on weight. We require more protein and nutrients to maintain our increasing body size, but the deficiencies remain and increase due to the rising sugar intake with our growing food intake!

We remain overweight and undernourished!

More and more research tells us that sugar is addictive. It affects our moods. We feel good when we eat sugar; that’s the hook. It taps directly into the brains feel-good factor. However, as for all addiction, over time, you need more and more to get the same high, that same feel-good factor , but you get to a point when too much is too much, and in this case, it is sugar!

Not all sugar is wrong. Sugar is essential to us! I’m talking about the additional processed sugars that we don’t need and are bad for us in so many ways.

I like a treat as much as anyone, but when that treat becomes essential, there is something wrong!

If you find yourself adding a bit more sugar to get that same taste as before, then you are addicted!

I hope this makes you think a bit more about too much sugar, especially the hidden stuff in the ready foods we buy every day.

We have to eat, so enjoy your food, enjoy the flavour and texture of the whole thing of eating. Enjoy those special treats, that treat because they come now and then and not every mealtime or snack.

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  1. Food for thought! I’m guilty of having a sweet tooth 🤔 I need to take more notice of those labels!

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