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Do you have Tinted Glasses because of your Epilepsy?

I’ve had a particular tint on my glasses for over twenty years. The shade was called Cambridge Comfort 45, but over the years, this has changed. However, I’m now finding that getting a tint for this purpose impossible to find. All bar one local optician has been able to help.

I first got help from Aston University Optometry Department in Birmingham, but they can no longer help.

This has given me cause for concern. The frequency of that colour sets the colour required. I would have expected all opticians to be aware of this?

The tint helps alleviate my seizures, helps with my ability to read, and reduces stress caused by the light.

I’ve tried a lot of different tints in my time, but none have worked. Opticians have been attempting sunglasses with a polarised lens and varying depths of colour. My last pair, which was supposed to be for epilepsy, cost a fortune and didn’t work, were blue! They did reduce the light, but that is all.

I have noticed a significant change in my epilepsy with the shift to a lot of LED lighting. There seems to be less flicker; this goes for the old fluorescent lighting and TVs.

However, I still need the tint, so I want to know if you have epilepsy and do you use a tint on your glasses to help? If you do, where did you get the tint, and what opticians did you use?

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