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It started with Vic and me!

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Commodore Vic-20, that is, as available in 1980 and advertised by the real Captain Kirk, from Star Trek!

So, why am I talking about an old, obsolete computer? Well, I was watching someone explaining why they don’t try anything new, why they don’t bother to exercise, why they didn’t bother about looking after themselves as much as they should.

The reasons struck me because I’ve heard them so many times. It’s too late; I’m too old, I’m not smart enough, I’m not able to do it anymore, the new stuff is way beyond me, there isn’t any reason to care or even try! Then there is this one, the kids today are so much brighter than me, they are so more able, and they have all that technology to help, which they, of course, know how to access and use!

What a load of rubbish! Yet this is churned out again and again. It’s an excuse, not a reason. People that use this rhetoric are just too idle, and that’s the plain and simple truth! It takes effort, which is what is lacking in the majority, the will to try, persevere and not give up!

I’m going to answer the last statement on so-called new technology and my opening comment about Vic!

The Commodore Vic-20 was one of the first computers that everyone with the money could have. What did we do with them; play games, try and write with the basic word processer, do unique calculations, learn Basic, try and organise your life with a to-do list and draw pictures. If you stop and think, this hasn’t changed. What changed is the computers’ overall capacity to perform their actions, and I don’t mean that they are more intelligent, another incorrect excuse that some seem to regurgitate. These are tools and today’s tools are better than most of the forerunners, but the operators are the same!

I’ll deal with the last comment that seems to be more and more today’s excuse; kids are so much brighter today because of all the technology they have!

All kids start with stupid; I know stupid may not be quite the right word, but I can’t think of a better one at the moment. All adults can learn to do what any kid can do in a nanosecond. Why, because we have experience, we know how to learn, and we have been through the system before, plus our brains have supposedly developed to give us the ability to learn better? This is what children go to school for, to learn!

I know there are teachers out there thinking about that Mum ranting, ‘My little Johny is so clever and so smart and so this, that and the other. While the little dim so and so, is standing there behind, lost to the Fairies picking his nose with a fork!’ Most Mum’s think this is true, but maybe it has something to do with them as a kid too?

Why do kids appear so bright? Because they can use today’s tools; phones, pads, computers and games consoles and get online! My Mum thought I was clever because I could do joined-up writing when I was in Primary School! I wasn’t; I had just been shown how it was expected, every day, and this was the tool of the day. For todays’ kids of all ages, tech is ubiquitous! Their ability to use is not because they are more intelligent; it’s what they are given and expected to use!

I’ll end with another analogy of the Vic-20.

I’m writing this on my iMac. It has a 3.5GHz Quad-Core Intel i7 processor, 32GB DDR3 Memory and a GeForce 4GB Graphics Card and running the latest macOS. Bet you’re amazed! The truth is, I haven’t got a clue about most of the stuff that goes on inside. I just know that it does it a lot better than my old Vic-20, but amazingly, I’m doing the same things. The only difference is the access to the array of information online.

Access to online information is available to us all and opens up the world; why would you not dive in?

Why do some people seem to be better at things than me? It could be that they have a better system to start with?

If my brain was like my old Vic-20 and theirs has a better laid out system, they could potentially get more out of their system/brains. However, this does not mean you are limited. We know that our brains are adaptable, change and improve to how we use them. We can upgrade our systems or do what most do, waste the potential and use the bare minimum.

The problem with not keeping it in peak condition is that sooner rather than later, your operating system will not be supported anymore, and it will fail!

So, please turn on the Vic-20 brain, or whatever brain system you have installed, and start getting to know how to use it, use it more and upgrade your life too!

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  1. They say you never stop learning thru life and I think this is so true. I know a number of people much younger than me who don’t have a clue about ‘new technology’ mainly because, as you say, they’re too idle or don’t take the time to learn. Keep challenging your brain with new things every day!

  2. I really good read, definitely makes you think. I think we should all try to learn one new thing every day or improve on what you have previously learnt.
    It’s true what they say “use it or lose it”.
    C x💜

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