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Over the last few days, I’ve either been high or low. This flipping from one state to another is something I’ve lived with for several years. It happens every time I get into decision making at whatever level. This time it was related to my appointment on Thursdays at the Audiology Department.

I’m diagnosed as profoundly deaf, having no hearing in my right ear and little in my left. I have a Bone Anchored Hearing Aid fitted, and this vibrates and amplifies the sound that any of my natural inner hearing systems that are still working will detect. This works well but is limited, and now I’m told that my hearing is degenerating, and my next option is a complete Cochlear implant. I’m on the waiting list and now have about nine months to worry about it and decide.

I sing every day and think this helps. It is strange but I hear sounds in my head as if a memory. I listen to bits, and my brain makes up the rest, and this works well. Especially when I know the song well or know the person’s voice, I’m talking to. I extensively lip read, take a persons face away, and I’m deaf, especially without my BAHA.

Is it better to have lost hearing later in life, so have a long vocal memory, or is it best to have a Cochlear implant in early life before any verbal memory has developed?

I’ve also just read that deafness can increase the likelihood of Dementia. This seems evident to me, but something else to cause worry!

The operation will mean I will lose all my natural hearing so that I will be deaf without the implant. The sound I hear will not be natural; it was described as being like a Dalek. I think it may give me a full spectrum of sounds, whereas I predominantly hear base sounds at the moment. Will this help with my speech and hearing in general? Will I hear birds and water flowing? Will I be able to sing? The questions go on and drive me into this state of flipping from, this one moment to, that the next!

So, is there anyone out there that would offer some constructive advice, based on experience, please?

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  1. I hope someone can get you the answers you are looking for.
    The decision to have the implant or not is entirely up to you. I know this doesn’t help make it any easier for you.
    I think you should list your questions and then ask them at your next audiology appointment.
    C x💜

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