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Is this just me?

Listen and read along… or just list!

Getting up, out of bed and preparing myself ready for the day is a chore. I have to do this, then that and blah, blah, blah. I then wheel myself into the kitchen, open the blind and make myself a cup of well-deserved coffee! It is a repetitious routine, and I’ve done it for a long time!

Now, although everything else went as expected, making the coffee didn’t!

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. Well, here is a photo I took this morning. Can you tell what words I was thinking!?

My coffee making is a routine, it has to be, but although I went through the whole thing without any real thought, I ended up with my cup of coffee in a jug!

I was totally oblivious that I had used a jug until I went to put the lid on it, and then it struck me! ‘Where had this jug come from, and why was my coffee in it!?’ For an instant, I had the crazy idea that someone else had done it!

I tend to go off doing other things without finishing what I had already started, but this morning I thought I was on task. I try hard now to do one thing at a time.

So, what was going on here? I’ve said before that I live in a state of constant waking, like that sensation of coming around from a dream and realising it was a dream. Putting the lid on the cup, or jug in this case, was that waking moment.

Could it be routine? I can remember, and I’m sure you can too, driving or travelling along only to realise you seem to have missed the last few miles. This appears to be more the case if it is a routine journey taken every day.

I thought it was funny at the time and then started to worry a bit. Is this a sign?

I’m very aware of what happened and thinking to myself that it will not happen again, but you know what, I know it will, and there doesn’t seem to be anything I can do. That is unless you have any ideas?

Back to normal cup of coffee!

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