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This is me! Is it you or someone you care for?

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I’m going to describe a few things that I experience most days, to some degree. I want to know if you or someone you care for is experiencing the same things?

I often have dark or rambling thoughts; something will happen that I can’t control, something is taking control over me, there is a disaster on the horizon, I’m going to forget who I am!

I become irritable for no apparent reason, with myself and others. Then if I or others react to this, I get even worse!

My brain is scattered with mixed thoughts; I become indecisive and find it hard to focus on any task, so I end up doing nothing!

This seems to lead to me being disorganised and find planning hard. I end up collecting things I don’t need and have this inability to get rid! I want to sort it, but the effort seems too much…. ‘When I have a minute, I’ll do it!’

I can burst into tears for any reason. I get this overwhelming sense of something… I don’t know what it is, but I suppose it must be sadness!? An ad about donkeys on TV, the thought of someone gone, a moment passed! I’ve never been what you call an emotional type, growing up not to show them.

I’m socially isolated because I prefer it that way. I can’t cope with people or think I can’t!

Sleep is an issue; I wake up tense but no idea why and then this leads me to stress more about going to bed!

Then there are the things I didn’t even consider, the aching jaw and teeth, along with the dull headaches—finally, my cold hands and feet. I’m in a wheelchair, so I just assumed this was because of inactivity, but maybe not?

So, this is me, and maybe it sounds like someone you know and cares for? You may have assumed it was a symptom of Dementia, but those things described above I read in an article about the critical signs of anxiety!

It struck me how I was reading the symptoms I was daily going through. Many of the horror stories I’ve heard about people being cared for by their loved ones or in care homes seemed to indicate these particular symptoms often. So, could there be a connection?

Am I having these symptoms because of my brain disorder, called Dementia, or are the symptoms causing me to be demented? This is where I start going around and around, and the anxiety grows!

The worrying thing about the article was it was talking about how many younger people were suffering from these symptoms of anxiety. It then got me thinking, if these symptoms can progress into what is called Dementia in later life, then action needs to be taken as soon as awareness of those symptoms is known.

Not drugs, but a change in the life they, and I, am living!

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  1. I can certainly relate to the emotional reactions you talk about. Reading a story in a magazine or paper, seeing something on TV, hearing a song etc, can reduce me to tears very easily these days…. and it doesn’t necessarily have to be about something sad! They do say that tears are a good way of releasing pent up emotions ( and anxiety)tho which we shouldn’t try to hide and hold inside. Plus if you can’t talk about how you feel to others it’s probably the best way your body/ mind can deal with it. Let it all out! I always feel much better after 😉x

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