Songs from, The Demented Rd Studios

I’ll See You In My Dreams

My brother Pat died yesterday and I’m in so much pain. I didn’t want to do anymore songs, but then I could hear Pat and he would have said, get singing! So, this is just for my dearest brother Pat. Miss you!

Any Comments are welcome. I’m up for a challenge, so if you have a song you would like me to try, then let me know?

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  1. Well done Dad for singing the song today, I know it must have been hard.
    You sang it beautifully for uncle Pat.
    Big hug from me, Love you Cx 💜 🤗

  2. Wow uncle Richard so proud of you xx keep going with the songs he would want that xxxxx love you

  3. Pat would have been proud of you doing that!…just had image of a white leather slip-on loafer moving along in time to the music 🎶
    Love you Dad X❤️

  4. What a lovely tribute to Pat ❤️ You’re right…. he wouldn’t want you to stop singing. I hope it helps to sing away some of the pain x

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