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I’m now being told that I can not use the backing tracks for my, Song a Day, Dementia Challenge!

The company I have been using for most of the backing to my songs is When I started this late last year, I contacted them directly as I knew if I were doing a song a day, the cost would mount up. I wanted to see if I could get any discounts. They didn’t help, but they were happy for me to continue buying and using their backing tracks. I’ve emailed several times and always given a link to, The Demented Road Studios, where my songs are saved for my daily challenge.

Today, from another company,, which I now know is a related company to,,, and, has told me that not only they can not help but want me now to pay Copywrite and a licensing fee.

I have always been upfront and open about what I was doing with this challenge, and Karaoke-Version has never once objected but always encourage me to buy more. I don’t ask anyone to pay for these songs and never would. I pay for all the backing tracks and equipment I use from my own monthly pension! I do this to beat my dementia and, on the way, hopefully, give pleasure to others in the process.

I’m devastated by this company’s attitude!

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  1. I can’t believe that they have acted in this way! Why???
    Especially as you pay for the backing tracks, which I never knew you had to pay for.
    I’m sure there must be other companies you can use. 🤞
    Love you Cx 💜

  2. I’m actually disgusted with their attitude particularly if you’re already paying them for backing tracks anyway! They were happy to take your money then! You are not making any money from this challenge so I don’t see what their problem is. I would make sure this gets shared as widely as you can on social media. I will certainly share it! I hope there are some more companies out there who can help you continue your personal challenge. 🤞🏼

  3. I don’t know copyright laws but I would think if you’re not making money off the songs there should be no problem, but apparently they have one! 👎

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