Dementia Related Post

This is me… is it you too!?

Listen and read along, or just listen!
  1. Talking to yourself seems to be offering you the best advice!
  2. Those clothes that don’t fit are back in fashion!
  3. You don’t need anger management. You need people to stop making you mad!
  4. Your people skills are fine! It’s your tolerance to idiots that needs work and there are so many more!
  5. You know there’s no need to write it down? I’ll remember it!
  6. You’re starting to notice that the people your age look so much older!
  7. You realise that growing old seems to have been a bit quicker than you thought it would!
  8. Everything you do seems to have slowed down, except time!
  9. You still haven’t learned to act your age; in fact, you seem to be regressing!
  10. And then you seem to find…. yourself… forgetting… what it was…. you were talking….. about…. what you started saying before… you know… when I started…. that thing!? 

There may be a few things about getting old that seem a bit, you know. But when I think of all those that never had the chance! I’m so lucky! I had the opportunity to make and share so many fantastic memories that fill my every day. You’ll not hear me moan about getting old and never will. I’ll never stop enjoying and celebrating every day I’m blessed to have because each new day means the chance of creating and sharing many more memories with you!

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