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Aspirin Keeps it at Bay!?

I’ve just read an article on a study at the Peking University, Bejing looking into how the particles’ in fuel emissions affect cognitive decline.

There is growing research linking the impact of air pollution and brain damage. Tiny toxic particles from traffic and industrial pollutants are breathed into the lungs, get into the bloodstream, and kill off neurons in the brain.

Neuron (Brain Cells) death is Dementia!

The research from Peking University was looking at how taking Aspirin countered the problem. It appeared that taking Aspirin decreased the negative impact of fuel emission particles by half.

There seem to be conflicting figures when you try to find out how much Aspirin you should take. 100mg seems to be an average, but that’s a rough average and more of a guess.

Daily low-dose Aspirin is a blood-thinning medicine. I take 75mg a day because of a heart-related condition.

My conclusion:

There seems to be a general agreement that a low dose of Aspirin daily could be good for us, but the definitive studies prove this is not straightforward. Research documents are not meant for mortals like me; they are designed to keep us guessing at the researchers’ unique insights. Much research is funded by companies whose sole aim is to make money, so they don’t want to share information. When it comes to turning those insights into facts, well, that doesn’t happen because there will always be exceptions to the rule! There will always be the odd story about, ‘ I know a fella that lived inside a garage, had, a full fried breakfast for breakfast, dinner, tea and supper, smoked 40 fags a day and drank two bottles of whisky before bed, was overweight and never exercised; it didn’t do him any harm!’ You get the point!

Taking Aspirin to counter air pollution caused by vehicle emissions, I would prefer science to first address the pollution problem, wouldn’t you!?

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