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Stop Heading the Ball!

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I watched BBC Click, on which they report how footballers are three and a half time more likely to develop neural decline in later life.

They suggest that the reason is due to heading a ball!

This raises a few questions.

What has happened in the footballers’ life other than heading a ball? It is not just about a single event!

It is stated that many sub-concussive episodes, caused by heading a ball, but isn’t the intensity and frequency essential to consider too?

In my youth, balls were hefty things made of leather, and when you headed one of them, you knew about it. We hear of footballers back in the day of these heavy balls, now showing, neural decline. Are today’s balls lighter, and does this have less of an impact?

I don’t believe there are is always a single cause for neural decline. So, if you do not have a catastrophic injury or illness that dramatically impacts your brain cells, there are certainly other factors over the course of your life to consider.

It seems evident that if you continually bang your head enough to cause concussive damage, such as in rugby, football, boxing, then over time, it is more likely that there would be accumulative damage to the brain.

The footballers mentioned in the report were professionals and as such, heading a ball was, and still is, a regular daily occurrence.

It seems the message is simple enough, don’t keep bashing your brain!

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