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Six Months Gone! Six Months to Go!

I can’t get over how quick the time has gone!

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I decided on this, singing a song every day, after reading some research on how music and predominantly singing, appears to be the only activity that works every part of the brain. Therefore, knowing that exercising the brain, as singing does, is essential to maintaining a healthy brain and helps prevent neural decline, I started on the first day of 2021.

I’ve now learnt, sung and recorded 180 songs.

These six months have seen a significant change in me. Although I am removing as many of the prescribed drugs as I can, the daily challenge has made a tremendous difference with substantial benefits.

The planning, learning and commitment have fired my brain into action. It was hard a first, like any exercise. It takes time and effort, but then I got the physical and mental feedback from my body. Finally, I was doing something positive to alleviate my neural decline and the developing signs and symptoms. I think, look and feel so much better! I believe that all aspects of my life have improved because of what I’m doing. These are not only my thoughts but the observations and comments of those that care and share my life too.

Just a few days ago, I did the Madness song, Baggy Trousers. Now, this is a quick song with a lot of words in fast succession. I know that six months ago, I found it hard to put several words together, but here I am singing many words and on such a high because of it!

I found irony in the group’s name, Madness, because I’m sure that my challenge of learning, singing and recording a song every day of 2021 and putting it online is helping me fight my own Madness!

There doesn’t seem to be anything that can be done when the neural decline has got to a point where the brain doesn’t have enough brain cells to maintain itself. However, there are lots that we can do to prevent, and I believe we can recover from such neural decline if we act before it becomes too late.

Exercise your brain, and do something to help yourself because nobody else can!

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  1. It’s been amazing following and listening to your journey of the last 6 months. The way you have tackled some songs which I never thought you’d be able to sing the range, never mind learn and remember the words! I’ve seen the difference it has made to you personally too. Brilliant! Here’s to the next 6 months! 👏🏼🤩x

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