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  1. Hi like your blog my self I been diagnosed with Parkinson’s dementia I posted this on one of my Facebook groups one member asked if can buy this from anywhere I said I would ask can you let me know please
    Thanks William

  2. Can you buy this in cd form as I posted on one of my Facebook groups a member asked if they can buy this
    Can you please let me know
    And by the way you sound amazing.

    • Hi William, and first, let me start by apologising for the delay in replying! I’m not that good with all the social media stuff. I’m desperate to get help šŸ˜€ To give an example of my poor understanding, I thought if I clicked every friend on Facebook, they would all get my post; they didn’t, and I’ve got Russian women that want to marry me and Nigerian Banks that want to look after my money! Any, back to your question. I can’t sell you the songs; it would be illegal. However, If you want me singing, then just copy, download it, or however it’s done. It’s free, and I’m privileged that you listened to it and more delighted that you and your friends liked it.

      I have Dementia, and I’m raising awareness of Dementia and funds for research by learning, singing and recording a song every day of 2021. No donations are needed. Just click, like, retweet, send to your friends and any way that you can spread the word helps. Every Click gets more funds!

      Today’s song is number 210, so you can always have a listen to some more and pass on the word. That is unless you’ve got something better to do!? šŸ˜€ Many thanks again! Stay safe and keep well!

      I just had a thought… where do I find you on facebook or wherever?

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