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We The 15% are 100% Normal

I’ve been watching the Paralympics, and I’m blown away by what some of these amazing people do!

I watched a Table Tenis player, who’s not only has had significant medical problems in his young life but now while having cancer treatment, still giving his all and refusing to give up. No sitting back, doing nothing, because a doctor told him there is no hope, treatment, or purpose in wanting to live!

I’m in awe at all I see. Not one of them has this mentality of giving up. It just isn’t in their vocabulary.

Here, in our medical profession, we get, ‘Oh dear, you’ve got an illness, a condition, so you better take it easy and wait for the inevitable!’

For all those with something that is causing a bit of a nuisance and decided to give up, watch the Tokyo Paralympics!

I’ve seen what we need… the Sports Coaches! There is no disability seen by these people, just the individual’s ability! They drive those individuals to excell in whatever they decide to follow, but most of all, they give life and hope to those other do not!

They see these sports people they work with as people and nomal. Not disabled and different, but just someone with unique abilities!

We The 15%
While this is an important message!

We have to understand something to go with this:

We The 15%
are 100% Normal!

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