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Food, Heating and Accommodation are just Incidentals!

Just a few days ago, on BBC Breakfast, the reporter Jon Kay, while talking about the new allowances to be introduced for Care, asked a question; What about the incidentals such as food, heating and accommodation!

Now you might disagree with me, but I think food, heating and accommodation are fundamentals to everyone’s life and even more critical when you’re talking about the vulnerable in need of Care!

I’m sure Mr Kay did mean to say Fundamental and not incidental. We all make mistakes, but what did annoy me is that the BBC production team didn’t comment, retract, or correct this significant error!

The BBC is quick to jump on anything that may relate to colour, religion, gender, in fact, anything that is raised as a possible problem of the day by their thought police, but Care and those in need of Care!?

This seemingly minor statement, ‘the incidentals such as food, heating, and accommodation’, tells us all we need to know on how many, including the BBC, truly see the needs of the Vulnerable in Care… Incidental!

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  1. Hi Richard, Mr Kay should be highlighting the cost to our Country at the expense of the vulnerable with this ‘Open Warm Welcome’ (British Afghan resettlement scheme) will cost the British tax payer an estimated 2.5 Billion over the next 10 years. The cost of our asylum system is £1.4 Billion a year. The NHS spends over 23 million on translators a year. Yet Mr Kay is part of the Virtual signallers of our Elites that negate to put our vulnerable people first. The cultural Marxist hate who we are: unfortunately the BBC and all main stream media are of part this WOKE madness……
    I thought 1984 was supposed to be a novel my friend?

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